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This is spot on, and on so many levels.

Roberto A

I just felt so alone, because I always felt like most do not understand me, and now knowing that there are people sharing these weaknesses and strenghts makes me really happy...

Elsa G

It is kind of crazy never feeling well understood throughout my entire life so far, and then reading my test results that explains my entire personality perfectly. Thank you so much for making this available. It helps a lot.

Daniel M

Did you just hack my mind and leak the information hidden within for the public to use it against me? lol

Amoricus D

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Cutting Edge Technology

Our personality test learns what to ask you in real time as you are taking the test. It's all designed to achieve the highest levels of accuracy possible from a self assessment.

Cognitive Functions

We take the typing process a step futher to educate you on your compatibility or lack thereof with other specific types based on the way your brain works. This way you can put that knowledge to use to improve your overall quality of life with respect to all of your relationships.

Type Confirmation Service

If you so choose, you can take advantage of our virtual type confirmation service, in person over Zoom, to increase the certainty and reliability of your results. Start by taking the free test, and the option to use the service will be offered to you.